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The Ongoing Catastrophe

There is yet another anniversary being celebrated today. This time, it is the anniversary of the Six-Day War and our Muslim neighbors are celebrating with all the excitement, fanfare, and jubilation that we have come to expect.

Last month, it was the annual “Nakba” celebration.  They celebrated with a bit of rioting, driving huge trucks down sidewalks in Tel-Aviv, and storming the Israeli border.  “Nakba” is Arabic for “Catastrophe”. It strikes me as a bit funny.  Over the last few weeks, more than a 1000 people have been killed in Syria by the Syrian government, but that’s not a catastrophe.  Saddam Hussein used to routinely arrest, torture, kill, and gas Iraqi’s, but that’s not a catastrophe.   All of these Muslim countries routinely gun down their own citizenry, but that’s not a catastrophe.  Nope, that’s just business as usual in the Arab and Muslim world.

But a tiny sliver of land controlled by Jews — Holy Akbar Batman! That’s unbelievable.  That’s terrible. How could something like that happen? What a catastrophe.

Of course, after sixty years and several wars, this problem has only gotten worse. The catastrophe was the original 1948 borders.  Later, in 1967, the Arabs lost Judea, Samaria, East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, the Sinai, and Gaza. So if the founding of Israel is a catastrophe, what do you call the military domination of Israel over Arabs?

I don’t know what they call it, but I call it terrorism. If you can’t beat the military, maybe you can beat the unarmed, the defenseless, the women and children, and the elderly. Admittedly, it is a good plan. They attack the innocent and somehow convince the World that it is all Israel’s fault.

My wife sent me a quote last week in relation to a possible border clash on the 5th of June.  It is a great quote.  I’m not sure where it came from:

A fake people from a fake nation that “mourn” the anniversary of a real nation practicing democracy.  Why is it that middle-eastern countries that deny basic human rights celebrate days marking human destruction and mourn days marking freedom and liberty?

Quite true.  Anyway, the useful idiots, after having a bit of success last month, stormed the Israeli border again.  I guess they don’t realize it is an act of war. Israeli soldiers used loudspeakers to notify the gangs (in Arabic) that crossing the border would result in death. I guess it wasn’t a true statement: 225 people were wounded and only 14 were actually killed.

I suspect that the IDF could have killed all of them, but I guess that’s a job more suited for Muslim soldiers.

I have my own definition for “Nakba”.  I think it is the day that Barack Hussein Obama was elected as president and began a systematic destruction of the greatest country on Earth.  Now that’s a catastrophe!

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