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A Rough Couple of Weeks

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks.  I guess the honeymoon is over.  I’m dealing with feelings of doubt and homesickness.  I had a huge emotional crash after Sukkot.   Thankfully, the last couple of days have been much better.

I’m told that this is “normal”.  It happens to everyone — especially Americans. Even though I was told to expect it, I didn’t really think it would happen to me. I guess I’m more normal than I realized.

It is a very pleasant 90 degrees with a nice breeze.  It is also the middle of October.  That makes me happy!

I started looking for work. Part of my doubts are financial.  Things are very expensive in Israel — including real estate. While real estate prices in the States have been tanking over the last few years, housing prices here in Israel have doubled.  The falling value of our US dollars just makes the problem worse.  Over the long term, I think the US dollar (and the Euro) are heading much further down. My outlook is very gloom and doom. I feel sad about what is happening to my homeland. The United States is the greatest country that has ever existed, but I really believe that her best days have already come and gone. I hope it will be a slow collapse, but I fear that it might be faster than people can imagine. Obama didn’t do it, he’s just the finisher — the closer — the destroyer. It is just a matter of time before Japan, Europe, and the US collapse under a mountain of fiat debt. I have a suspicion about who will get blamed. So, I’m glad to be here, but the doubts linger.

I had an interview last week. Actually, I didn’t have an interview last week. I thought I was having an interview, but I really wasn’t. This is all a good thing, because after the interview I thought I didn’t want the job, but now that I know it wasn’t an interview, I think I do want the job. Because Shabbot is approaching, I don’t have time to explain.  Stay tuned….

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