My names are עקיוא (Akiva) and Rob  (although I was also called Oz in high school.)  I was born in Santa Monica, California in 1964.  Technically, that makes me a baby boomer, although I really don’t think it fits.  I grew up in the San Fernando Valley (in California).  Basically, that’s 18 years in California.  I know enough about California to know that I’m not interested in returning.

I spent four years in Terre Haute, Indiana in a little-known yet quite amazing Engineering University called Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.   Some call it the “MIT of the Midwest,” but I think you actually need to be in the Midwest to ever hear it.  Four years of college earned me a computer science degree.  Thankfully, because of the wonderful age of computing (with automated spell-checkers), I can generally spell pretty good, but my grammar is still lousy.

I moved to the so-called “Free State” in 1987.   I came to Maryland to pursue a job and a destiny.  I found my wonderful wife in Maryland.  I helped create four beautiful children.  I owned a condo, a house, a bigger house, cars, NFL Baltimore Ravens season tickets, stuff, and more stuff….

And now, in the year 2010, I’m selling most of it, packing up my things (in a giant sea-bound container) and moving out of this so-called “Free State.”

On and off, I’ve spent all of my life moving East.   Each time has been an improvement in my quality and satisfaction in life, so, there’s no point stopping now.

I’m moving on up to the east side – the east side of the world.  G-d willing, on August 18th, I’ll be arriving in Israel with my family and cat.  I’m making the final jump to the ultimate destination, and I plan on recording and sharing my experience with you.

  1. Robert Bates
    2011-01-31 at 3:32 am

    Hey Rob,

    I really enjoy your blogs. I like the new hard case you got for your computer.

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