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I like mushrooms and extra cheese on my pizza. Pretty simple, but that’s what I like.  My children do not like mushrooms nor do they like extra cheese; they just want a plain cheese pizza.  How can you have too much cheese on a pizza?  My wife seems to think that having only mushrooms is boring, because she often gets pizza loaded with veggies.  Fine. Different people like different things, but it all seems pretty standard.

It seems reasonable that there should be regional differences in pizza toppings.  For instance, Hawaiian pizza has pineapple slices. Fine. So what odd toppings are available on pizza in Israel?

All the “normal” choices are available and seem to be popular.  Corn is also a popular choice (although I haven’t tried it).  There are a few other odd or strange choices (which I also haven’t tried.) Im not afraid to try them — they just seem uninteresting.

Having said that, all the topping options seemed generally reasonable until I discovered… sunny side up eggs cooked on the pizza. Curiously, this is a disgusting enough idea that I strangely feel somewhat compelled to try it.

Yummy -- eggs cooked on pizza!

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  1. janice e. nelson
    2010-12-29 at 10:52 pm

    Yuk. Doesn’t tempt me.

  2. Marcia Gross
    2010-12-30 at 4:25 pm

    Hi Rob,

    Not sure how interested I would be in egg on pizza. However – I am a big shakshuka fan. Discovered this wonderful dish on our first visit to Israel. No one else in the family likes it, but I have ordered it in restaurants all around Israel. What I discovered is that it comes in a thousand iterations. For those who might not know, it is basically poached eggs in a tomato sauce. I have had it in a sauce that was flavored much like a pizza sauce. Not my favorite versiion – but still enjoyable. I think I’d try the pizza. At least once.


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