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How am I doing?

Thanks for asking!  I’m doing great.  What’s not to like about a half-year vacation in a warm, sunny, beautiful, seemingly peaceful environment.

Well, there is the fact that it’s not really a vacation — technically, I’m unemployed.  Then again, it seems like 20% of Americans are unemployed (or underemployed) and at least I’m living on my own earning in a beautiful setting. At least for now, I’m not partnering with the Government in thievery.

It has been very sunny… except at night (of course).  That’s really not such a good thing.  There has been a drought here for five or six years.  Islands are starting to appear in the Kinneret (you know, the so-called Sea of Galilee) and that’s not a good thing.  Pray for rain!

Although it is seemingly peaceful, I assume it is still true that every bordering country is just waiting for the opportunity to kill everyone here. Since I cannot understand the news, I don’t seem to notice it.  In fact, I’m totally at peace oblivious to whatever is going on around me. That’s probably not a good thing.

Anyway, I have a job interview and I’m late.  That’s also not a good thing.

Why am I late? Because I’m writing this silly blog. So this is the end for now!

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  1. janice e. nelson
    2010-12-01 at 2:26 pm

    I truly enjoy your sense of humor. Have I said that before? Here’s hoping that this interview is successful for you.

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