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Radio Silence

We were temporarily living in a small apartment with a broken WiFi. However, there were a handful of nearby, open access points allowing us limited access to the Internet.

We moved a couple of days ago into the home that we rented for the year. All of our neighbors are smart enough to the have encrypted WiFi, so now my only access to the Internet is via my cell phone.

It is not so simple to get Internet to the home. You need a physical link from one company and an ISP service through a different company. The landline phone service can be provided either by the link provider or the ISP provider. The link can be regular twisted pair, cable, or satellite (all different companies).

I finally decided that I want to use cable for my link. I called today, but the automated message system only offered languages of Hebrew and (I think) Russian.

I then called the ISP that I wanted and they did have an English option. So, through that call, the ISP confernce called the cable company and found an English speaker.

We agreed to the terms an then the installation was scheduled.

SEPTEMBER 13! THAT’S CRAZY!! (that’s my quote after being told when it could be installed.)

They called me back an hour later and confirmed a better time for me — this Friday.

That is the current plan. I don’t yet know when the ISP portion will be done, but I hope I’ll have full Internet access in the home by early next week.

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