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Banana Liqueur

We’ve been in Israel now for 8 days.  Eight rough, difficult, exhausting, maddening, and amazing days.  I don’t have time now to describe it all, because שבת will start soon, but I’ll provide flashbacks in future posts (there are weeks worth of stories in those eight days).

I was planning on writing about many of the events last night, but that became impossible. It was impossible because of banana liqueur. We were grocery shopping yesterday evening in this amazing store. Actually, all of the grocery stores are amazing — I’ll explain on some other post.

Anyway, I noticed Banana Liqueur.  I’ve never seen Banana Liqueur, although my wife says it is available in the States.  We bought it and, after arriving at our temporary apartment, we sampled it.

Banana Liqueur is very good.  Very good indeed.  Also, very potent.  I drank, I became tired, I crashed, and (yet again) I didn’t write a post.

I should start writing regular posts starting Sunday.

שבת שלום

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  1. 2011-11-10 at 10:01 am

    That’s a very funny experience.. It’s good for you aren’t left behind from your flight.. 🙂

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