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It Starts Here

This has been a busy week.  I lost my job on Tuesday.  Well, I didn’t really “lose” it.  I think I threw it away.  It was a great job working with great people.  I think I played a real part in making the World a better place.  The only problem is the job is in Maryland and I don’t want to be here anymore.

On Wednesday, my wife and I spent the entire day sorting through stuff.  What goes to the dump, what goes on the lift, what goes to charity, what do we keep with us.  On Thursday I watched a crew of packers run through my home transforming the “stuff” going on the lift into nicely packaged boxes and paper covered bubble-wrap.   Wow — and I thought sorting was hard.

Today, all those boxes were loaded onto a giant container.   (Same crew, but more sweat.)

I cannot believe how full that container is!  We will almost certainly need to rent storage for some of this “stuff” — maybe we can find cheap storage in a landfill.

The container will be trucked to a warehouse and then stored on a cargo ship.  I hope to see it again, G-d willing, in six to eight weeks.  I’ll be meeting that “stuff” on the other side of the World in Israel.

I still need to clean up the mess in the house, but that will have to wait until after שבת.

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